Claudette’s Crafty Things specializes in fabric handmade gifts and much more. Whether you are shopping for yourself, friend, co-worker or family member this is your one stop shopping spot.
All items are handmade one at a time, no mass production at this shop! Each item is designed to express originality and function. These products are uniquely amazing and surely to become a treasured piece to the receiver of a Claudette’s Crafty Thing gift!
Claudette Neal, the creator of this shop is a self taught artist. All patterns are personally designed and customized with her customer in mind. Claudette has worked and created crafty items since her childhood days and has worked as a designer craftier for over 30 years.
Her daughter, Ariel Neal is the “Original paintings” artist. Ariel is a self taught artist that started her career in paintings and jewelry designs at the age of 5 years old.